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Ladybirds – (3mths – 12mths)

Ladybirds has been specifically designed with babies in mind. The room is safe and secure with a quiet and tranquil atmosphere. The room is well equipped with up to date resources. Our caring staff are well qualified and… [Read More]

Butterflies – (12mths – 24mths)

Caterpillars is a bright, safe and spacious environment where the children can explore, learn and develop. We provide a safe, interactive environment which aims to… [Read More]

Fireflies – (24mths – 30mths)

Here with the children’s ever growing independence in mind the children are preparing to transition from Fireflies to Dragonflies. We actively promote independence through care routines and play. Children… [Read More]

Dragonflies – (30mths-42mths)

Here at Little Explorers we feel the environment plays an important role in supporting and extending children’s learning, our environment is rich and varied giving children the confidence… [Read More]

Pre-School – (42mths-60mths)

In pre-school, school readiness is an important aspect for all. We support the children in becoming confident learners and ready for their new journey in life. We actively follow the EYFS, supporting… [Read More]